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Meet The Team

Marc Menard


marc profile pic.jpg

Marc founded Phantoms in 2020. He started investigating the paranormal at the age of 16 and is driven to help those in need.  He made the discovery during the Fort Knox investigation that he is sensitive to spirit energies.  When not delving into the world of the paranormal, Marc has made a career as an Aviation Officer for the Massport Authority. He currently resides in the Northshore of Massachusetts with wife, toddler, faster-than-the-speed-of-light shepherd mix, and a clowder of rambunctious felines.

Julie Menard

Team Mom/Investigator

Julie joined the Phantoms by accident after accompanying her husband, co-founder Marc, to an investigation in August 2020 (their first real “date night” since the birth of their daughter that previous March). Always interested in the paranormal and having seen every episode of Ghost Hunters, Julie can usually be found on investigations wearing her fanny pack, shining her flashlight randomly and chugging a Red Bull. When not hunting the unknown, Julie spends her time as a full time billing & reimbursement manager for a local healthcare company, she rallies the troops as president of Marblehead Little Theatre’s Board of Directors and being mama to her absolute greatest joy, Joanna Iris.

Micaela Maisey

Social Media Manager/Investigator


Micaela started her love and interest for the paranormal at a young age while watching her family interact and investigate with spirits. She has participated in paranormal investigations for the last 10 years up and down the east coast.  She has no plans of stopping. Micaela's day job has her working at a crystal shop in Salem, as well as being a Master Reiki practitioner.

Ryan Yeaton

Tech Manager/Investigator


Ryan had worked in law enforcement for 15 years.   After spending years investigating the living, he decided it was time for a change!   He now works at a non-profit recovery center.   He has started doing paranormal investigations as a hobby in the last 2 years. He comes to this group with a skeptical, but open mind.   His skeptical mind isn't quick to say something is paranormal, but the unexplainable experiences he has had during his time in law enforcement has managed to keep his mind open.   He looks forward to broadening his experience in this group!

Joel Thoman

Website Manager/ Financial Manager

Joel Thoman is an IT guy who is fascinated by the paranormal.   He has a masters in IT Management from Harvard University.  He works for a school district in the greater Boston Area doing all sorts of IT work.  He also works for the Handheld Gaming Community doing game reviews.  

Jess Fratoni

Lead Investigator/ Case Manager


Jessica has been interested in the paranormal since she was a little girl, having many experiences throughout her life. She is deeply invested in all things metaphysics, and is a certified reiki practitioner and professional tarot reader. In addition, she works for a nonprofit organization out of Boston, and is a mom to an incredible kid.

Kristin Harris

Researcher/ Historian


Kristin Harris is a Historian and Folklorist originally from the Philadelphia area, who has lived in Salem for the past 10 years as of this writing. She received her B.A. in American Studies from Penn State focusing on early American history, and her M.A. in American Studies focusing on depictions of death and the afterlife in popular media, and its impact on public history. 


Kristin has been in the paranormal world in some fashion for over 15 years, independently investigating in early college, and then researching for years more. In 2015 while finishing her Master’s thesis, she met and joined with MGHPS, and was an investigator and team member until 2017, until she took a step back to focus on work.   Read More

David McCuin



David has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. He brings a critical eye for detail, and a love for both the natural and supernatural worlds. A lifelong fan of things unknown David is new to paranormal investigating and considers himself to be a skeptical believer because, “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” And recently having lived in a 273-year-old house David can for sure say, "The Truth is Out There."

Anthony Capodilupo



Anthony has been fascinated by the paranormal since early on in his life.
“I always felt there was more to life than just this biological avatar we operate on a daily basis”. 
He has been working in the medical field as a nurse for the past fifteen years.
“I have been privileged to be part of many end-of-life experiences during that time. For all those events I feel there was always something there just beyond my senses that accompanied the passing of that individual”. 
“I hope to bring my knowledge and experiences with me on this journey of investigating the great unknown.”

Danni Tracey

Investigator in training


Danni has had a love for unexplainable phenomenon beginning early on from lived experiences. She currently works as a Psychic in Salem at a Local Shop and has been studying The Occult for over a decade.

Through her studies Danni has learned to approach situations with Protective measures and is proficient in Cleansing people and places of unwanted energy.

As a Practicing Traditionalist Priestess, Witch and Empath, Danni enjoys using her gifts to help the Living and the Dead where she is able.

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